February 6, 2016

Integrating Linux into Open Directory

Christopher posted a comment on my Mac OS X article about integrating Linux into a Mac OS X Open Directory Environment. I figured it helps us all if we undertook that as a separate discussion.

Fortunately, Noah Gift has already written a 3-part series titled “Discover the Power of Open Directory” that covers almost all aspects.

  1. Covers the basics of Open Directory setup and set up of an OS X Client
  2. Covers setting up of a Mac with NFS Home Directory using Open Directory, integrate an existing Linux NFS File Server and authenticate a Linux Client into Open Directory
  3. Covers MCX (Manage Client for OS X), specific LDAP attributes for Mobile User accounts and integrated Windows into Open Directory for authentication and Home Directories (yikes!)

The articles look very thorough. I am yet to go over them but I am looking forward to.


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