February 10, 2016

reason #43 to buy a mac


So you are too much integrated into Windows. or Outlook, as someone I know has for an excuse.  But c’mon – this alone makes it worth it!



  1. Since I am that “someone” to whom this blog’s author refers as using my dependency on Outlook as an excuse not to switch to Apple, I feel provoked enough to respond… Yoda says: DUH! I say must. Crazy you be may. Wave-swoosh your laptop why? Same as lightsaber it is not. Good Jedi you never be will.

    Oh, and by the way, my latest IBM ThinkPad is equipped with some kind of a motion sensor as well, so it’s only a matter of time until somebody ports MacSaber to Windows or creates a similar app that’s just as useless… :-)

  2. I can wave swoosh my laptop, zap u with a thousand little applications that come out of the Automatic Motion Sensor unofficial API. May be the institutionalized just can’t break the mental barrier.

    go on and hold your breath for IBM to release their SMS api.

    Oh if that’s not enough, check this out


    it uses the motion sensor to switch desktops on mac.

  3. Wdfru?! Ok, I’ll make you a deal: once they make an Apple laptop that will punch you in the face if you smack it too hard, I am switching to Mac. Oh, and it needs to be in the institutional orange.

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